Indian Summer






Mark Easton has been a part of the music scene in Australia for as long as..... well if you can remember you weren’t partying hard enough, from punk pioneers Suicide Squad to glam rockers the Candy Harlot’s to blues rocking one man band solo shows touring one end of the country to another, but after 6 albums countless festivals, he decided to take a break, travel, surf, build cars, get married etc etc, which turned into a 5 year holiday!
“I had nothing left to write about because my whole life was about touring and gigging so I decided to go out and experience other things to get some inspiration” now fully rejuvenated with a swag full of new material and a new album “FREE YOURSELF” coming out in February 2020
The new stuff is definitely different, I would probably call it a mix of blues, Celtic, world, roots rock music.







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